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Field of business

klawiaturaI am an experienced English language translator, since 2006 practicing also as a sworn translator in Warsaw (entered into the official list of sworn translators in Poland by the Minister of Justice). I translate mainly in the field of legal language, dealing with various contracts, notarial deeds, legal texts, verdicts and judgments, administrative documents, civil status certificates, qualifications, and other similar documents. As a sworn translator, I also work as an interpreter – at court hearings, notarial deeds, wedding ceremonies, etc.



Law was the field of my first studies. Having completed legal studies in the Law School at the Warsaw University (1996), I worked 9 years as an associate in one of the largest law firms in Warsaw, where I familiarized myself with legal English.

My next step in education was the Interdisciplinary Post-graduate Studies of Interpreting with the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the Warsaw University (2005). Finally, I passed the state exam for sworn translators (2005).



I work as a freelance translator for law firms and notarial offices in Warsaw, also for companies of various industries (development, power engineering, furniture, FMCG, IT), and individuals. I issue VAT invoices.




Marta Potiuk, sworn translator of English language in Warsaw entered into the list of sworn translators of the Minister of Justice under No. TP/1876/06, is the data controller for both your personal data and any personal data in the documents you give her to be translated.


Providing your name and last name is compulsory. They are to be processed in order to be entered into the Register of the sworn translator; it means the register of translations of that sworn translator. This is compulsory, because Article 17 Para. 2 of the Act on the Sworn Translator Profession requires to specify who orders the translation. They will be stored for the indefinite time, because the Act does not provide for any ending date for storage of that Register.


The purpose of personal data processing is to draw up  a translation document and to issue an accounting document for tax purposes. Processing both your personal data and any personal data in documents to be translated is indispensable for performance of the contract, although providing these data is voluntary. Data are to be stored as electronic files of both source documents and their translations for the time of 2 years after the translation document is picked (because of the statutory time of limitation of claims under the contract for performance of a specific task in the Polish Civil Code).


Providing your name and last name and additional data, if any, indispensable for issuing a VAT invoice is based on tax regulations, which make you obliged to do so. These data are to be stored for the period provided for in these regulations (currently 5 years).

You are entitled to demand from the data controller:

  • to give you access to the data concerning you;
  • to provide you the copy data under processing;
  • to rectify these data;
  • to erase data or to limit the data processing to storage, which demand the data controller is obliged to perform only, if special circumstances described in personal data protection regulations occur.

You may object against processing the personal data, the providing of which has been voluntary, any time, however, if your objection is taken into account, this can make performance of the contract impossible.

You have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.